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I Got Something For Everyone!!


From chickens to transmissions, I got it all! Don’t see what you’re lookin’ for?..hit me up!! If I don’t already have it I can find it!!

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Check This Shit Out!!

Wanna blow something up? These things hold explosion juice like no other. 3 full gallons of straight up napalm death!!

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Crap For Days Y’all

So much crap it will make your head spin!

Summer Sale!

For a limited time only, everything is 50% off!

Wait, I must be high!…yeah I’m high. Nothing is 50% off.
As you were.

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Sell Your Stuff!

Want me to sell your crap? Put it on consignment here in my store. After it sells I’ll skim a little off the top and give you the rest. So quit being a hoarder and go clean out that garage!!

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