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I Got Something For Everyone!!


From chickens to transmissions, I got it all! Don’t see what you’re lookin’ for?..hit me up!! If I don’t already have it I can find it!!

Ranchy Hooker Boots

Are you a professional lot lizard with some big ass feet? If so you really need these. Keep them on while “working” to get that extra traction you’re looking for!

Check This Shit Out!!

Wanna blow something up? These things hold explosion juice like no other. 3 full gallons of straight up napalm death!!

Like Us Up!

Head on over to my Facebook deal and gimme a like or two….or fifteen. Hell, just hit like on everything. I’ll make sure to follow you back  and comment on all your shit like “HEY what are you doing here?? Go to!!
One for 5 two for 10 no deals!!

Eco Green Stuffs

All my crap is sourced from the highest quality renewable, recyclable, sustainable, eco-friendly green stuff that… it’s not. It’s good ass crap tho!!


Cheap Crap

All of my amazing hand picked crap is priced perfectly so your broke ass can afford it. Cuz hey..who wants to pay full price for crap that you can get from me for cheap?!

Summer Sale!

For a limited time only, everything is 50% off!

Wait, I must be high!…yeah I’m high. Nothing is 50% off.
As you were.

Sell Your Stuff!

Want me to sell your crap? Put it on consignment here in my store. After it sells I’ll skim a little off the top and give you the rest.

So quit being a hoarder and go clean out that garage!!

So I get to Michelle’s to pickup my new crap and ended up buying even more crap. She has great crap!! I’ll definitely be back for more.

Jake Lari


Michelle is one crazy bitch with some crazy ass crap! I was looking for something to keep my weed in and she had multiple options. I will be perusing her wares often. Hahaha…perusing her wares 😛

Hans Solo


Michelle got some serious crap yo!! Found me some dope ass chains and a diamond eye patch. Gonna hit her up next payday fo some rims.
Peace..2 fingers y’alls.

Rick Walter's


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Glass Vases $3 each or all for 20

3 thick heavy square
2 round not matching
2 marching about 6”
1 smaller round

Most are from Anchor Hocking Co

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Vintage Garfield 1978 McDonalds Mugs

Set of 2. Pics show front and back



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Vintage Trunk inside Smells JUST like grandmas house...

Leather handles on side work. The one in the front is split. Locks up tight to hide your valuables

Has a few stains and scratches but that just adds to the story.

Get it today before I fill it with crap and keep it.


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Glass table and 4 adjustable chairs $150

Paint these chairs up and add some sparkles or use them as they are. Ranchy

I’m too lazy to repaint them and all the cushions blew away so I’m over them.

Totally sturdy to hold up your big bottom friends

Thank you and please checkout

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Cast Iron Tub $250

Get naked in your yard and soak in this vintage tub

Thank you and please checkout

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Need somethin'?

Hit me up and lemme know what you’re lookin’ for!